Filipino Ketchup Fried Chicken

We think of ketchup as an easy condiment to hotdogs, chips, hotdogs, burgers, and even chicken that has been fried. It’s basically a multi-faceted tool for the chef’s most powerful weapon. Imagine the most crispy chicken you’ve ever tasted with the sour-sweet ketchup you love to eat. What about if we mix the ketchup into the chicken that we fried instead of serving it as an accompaniment? Yes! You’ve read it right! You can add ketchup to your favorite fried chicken recipe if you follow this easy recipe for fried chicken with ketchup.

KETCHUP Fried Chicken

This recipe is simple and has ingredients that can be easily found at your local supermarket. All you need is chicken. I prefer to make use of the thigh portion because it’s my favorite part of the chicken, and it’s more tender and delicious. You can also make use of the other portion of the chicken, such as wings or the breast depending on your personal preferences. There is a lot of tomato ketchup or you can make a sweet mix of ketchup and ketchup and ketchup if you wish it to be a bit sweet.

Filipino Ketchup Fried Chicken

Ketchup trend

The main ingredient in this ketchup-fried chicken recipe in addition to the chicken is of course the ketchup! For this recipe, we’re not using just any ketchup. It’s banana ketchup! With its vibrant red appearance and viscous texture, ketchup has become among the top adored condiments around the globe. Its sweet tomato flavor brings life and vibrancy to every dish and is so vibrant that you can use it with just about everything!

However, banana ketchup is the product of a Filipino native. In times of war, the country was in a state of depletion in tomatoes as well as a glut of bananas. Being the creative and quick-thinking Filipinos we are capable of, we were able to create something amazing from the midst of a challenging time. The ketchup made from bananas is a perfect match for Filipino tastes, offering us that sweet taste that we enjoy in all of our meals. Apart from ketchup-fried chickens, below are other recipes that go well with the ketchup from bananas with a side of:

Tortang Giniling

It’s a complete mistake to create an entire list of foods that go with ketchup, and not include an Omelet! This Tortang Giniling contains everything you could need in a perfect breakfast. From the delicious almost creamy egg to the satisfying ground meat, to fresh fruits and vegetables and fruits, this combination of flavors and textures your mouth will leave you feeling refreshed and content! What’s better than the addition of the banana and ketchup? Then you have the perfect combo. Be sure to bring your rice cups as well!

Sizzling Pusit

If you hear an eerie sizzle from the pan, and then get that delicious aroma of smoke it’s a sign that something tasty is about to happen. No matter if you’re eating at a restaurant or making it yourself on your stove This sizzling pistachio can take in all the flavor of its delicious sauce effortlessly. The ketchup that is made from bananas is one of the primary ingredients in this sauce, and it creates an exquisite blend of sweet and spicy. The greatest thing about cooking posit, is you are able to savor anytime, however! For an easy lunch or dinner or even as an after-dinner pulutan in a social gathering it’s always a nice indulgence!

How to cook Ketchup Fried Chicken

Let’s make this ketchup-fried chicken! Mix all the ingredients of your dish in a cooker with the exception of the oil. This is the leg of chicken quarters, quarters of vinegar as well as peppercorns from soy sauce, bay leaves, and lemon-lime soda. It also contains garlic and Banana Ketchup. Mix all the ingredients together to incorporate them well and then cover the pot with a lid. When the mixture is boiling you can adjust the heat from moderate to low. The chicken will marinate and cook, but keeping its soft texture.

After 10 minutes Turn the chicken over and cook the other part for 10 minutes again. You can keep the pot covered during cooking! After the cooking time is over take the chicken out and allow it to cool, conserving the liquid for sauce.

Filipino Ketchup Fried Chicken

Next step, rub a few glugs of salt over your chicken fried in ketchup. After letting it dry for about 30 minutes, it’s time to cook it! Cook your cooking oil in a skillet, and cook your chicken over medium-high temperatures. The chicken should be turning a gorgeous brown color. Turn around and do exactly the same thing on the other side. With the delicious aroma of the deep-fried, rich flavor of the chicken on the horizon and the smell of chicken in the air, you’ll know it’s time to relish it!

Once you’ve cooked all edges of your chicken take the chicken from the pan and set it out on a plate for serving. Enjoy it along with some rice, and serve it drizzled with the sauce you prepared earlier. And there’s it! Enjoy and share the Ketchup Fried Chicken with your family!


3 pieces of chicken leg quarters
Five tablespoons soy sauce 5 tablespoons soy
5 tablespoons white vinegar 5 tablespoons white
Three pieces dry bay leaves
2 teaspoons of the whole peppercorn
5 cloves of garlic crushed
2 cups lemon-lime soda
1 cup banana ketchup
1 cup cooking oil
US Customary – Metric


1-Mix all the ingredients together in a saucepan with the oil, but not included. Stir until the ingredients are well mixed. Cover the pot, and allow the liquid to boil. Set the heat to low or medium. Continue to boil for 10 minutes.

2-The chicken should be turned over. Continue to boil the opposite side for another 10 minutes, keeping the pot covered.

3-Remove the chicken and let it cool. Keep the liquid in reserve for sauce.

4-Sprinkle salt on the chicken. It should dry in the air for 30 minutes.

5-In a skillet, heat oil. Cook the chicken over medium heat until golden brown.

6-Remove the chicken from the skillet. Place on a plate. Serve with ketchup sauce and rice (remaining liquid that was used to cook for the chicken). Serve and enjoy!

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