Filipino-style Barbecue Chicken

  Chicken Barbecue

The traditional Filipino Barbecue Chicken is marinated in soy sauce, citrus juice brown sugar, fresh garlic for deliciously sweets, and delicious flavors that you’ll be able to enjoy. Perfect for Summer grilling parties!
According to my experiences, it’s the kind of meal that you’ll desire to return to time and time again. If I’m not mistaken there were more than 20 stalls on the stretch. Due to the number of stalls, you can be able to see how many Filipinos enjoy eating their barbecued food.

Because of this, I used to have skewers of barbecued chicken almost every month to feed my dietary needs. It was my preference to go for the breast of chicken or “pecho” portion. If you’re a fan of chicken, then you’ll be aware that it’s a smart idea to go with the chicken breast since it contains more meat than other components. If you cook it in your kitchen at home, you’ll likely not have to worry about running out of your favorite piece of meat and you’ll be able to spice it exactly as you’d like.
Nowadays I am able to enjoy my Filipino-style chicken barbecue from the comfort of my home. But before we make the first steps to make one of our own, why don’t we learn more about this famous barbecued dish?

Chicken Barbecue

Here’s some background information about barbeque from the Philippines:

Nowadays, we can use numerous methods to cook our meat. From stir-frying to boiling, and grilling, there is a myriad of methods to make food more delicious and distinctive. In the past times, cooks had to be extremely creative in order in order to devise ways to cook food using the techniques that we enjoy in the present.
The idea of grilling food is believed to originate from the custom of slow-cooking food in front of a wooden platform, which was documented in a Spanish diary entry. The purpose of the pot was to hold the juice which will later turn into the broth. In addition, they will protect the pit from heat coal, and leaves.

The pit was christened “barbacoa,” or “sacred fire pit” when translated into English. This slowly evolved into the barbecuing practices that we enjoy now! Of course, we’re aware that this will vary in different nations. In the Philippines We grill food using charcoal and grills. Naturally, it’s not complete without the appropriate sauce or marinade to bast which is unique for each kind of meat and dish.
Most often, however, most often, Filipino barbecue sauce is made up of tomato ketchup, soy sauce, and the ever-tangy calabansi. I also add a few more seasonings to the Chicken barbecue marinade to make it incredibly tasty without tasting too overwhelming. Are you interested in a look at my cooking recipe? Continue reading to learn how to make the most popular Filipino Chicken Barbecue!

Let’s find out the art of cooking Chicken Barbecue:

The process begins by collecting 1 cup soy sauce as well as the juice of one lemon half cup of banana ketchup 2 teaspoons salt, as well as 1 tablespoon of black pepper that has been ground in the bowl. Together, these ingredients produce the most delicious tasty, savory, and sweet flavor that is perfect for chicken. Make sure you stir all of them thoroughly can be evenly distributed.

Take your four pieces of clean leg quarters of chicken, and put them in an enormous freezer bag. Make sure you have a bowl full of marinade, and then pour this inside the container, along with the chicken. We’ll be making sure that all the pieces are well coated with marinade by gently shaking the bag. After that, remove all the air from the bag prior to sealing it. Then, you can place this in your refrigerator to let it be sat in for a while before an evening of restful sleep.

The steps to prepare the grill for your chicken

After you’ve allowed the chicken to marinate for a night and then you can pull the freezer bag from the refrigerator. After that, you can take the pieces of chicken out and add the remaining marinade to the bowl. Make sure your grill is ready by heating it as well.

After the grill is hot, you can begin making the leg quarters of chicken marinated onto the barbecue. Then, grill it for between 12 and 15 minutes per side, or until the chicken is completely cooked at moderate temperature. Since it takes an extended time to cook your chicken cooked to perfection it is important to keep it cooking at moderate temperatures. If you cook your chicken at high temperatures, the outside might cook more quickly than the interior that of your chicken. It could result in or a chicken that is cooked on the inside or cooked through and then has a charred outside. It’s therefore important to ensure that you keep the chicken on the grill at a medium temperature!
Additionally, you should baste your chicken regularly while you grill with the marinade that remains. This will keep your chicken moist and tasty.

After your chicken is perfectly cooked, take the chicken off the grill and put them on your desired platter for serving. It is best to serve it with delicious rice that has been steamed!
However, if you’re not hoping to finish the entire meal you prepared at the same time It’s fine! Here are some suggestions to ensure that your barbecue will be good to enjoy for some time.

Tips for storing Your Chicken Barbecue:

To store it, the most efficient option is based on how long you’d like your food to last. If you wish to last for 3 to 4 days, there are options of refrigerating the dish. The first step is to ensure that the barbecue is at the temperature of the room. After that, you can choose the container you prefer that’s not too deep. This will help keep the meat chilled faster, and prevent the growth of bacteria from forming in the food.

Another option to save some of your Chicken Barbecue for later consumption is to freeze. It is possible to do this with an airtight container in which all the barbecue leftovers could fit. Put your Chicken Barbecue inside, and then place the container inside your freezer. It’s as simple as refrigerating. This is ideal when you want it to last a minimum of 3 months. However, If you’d like to last for longer then you could also consider sealing the barbecue with a vacuum. This will last from 2 to three years or more in your freezer, without becoming stale!
It’s equally essential to maintain a tight rein on everything even if you’re freezing your food. Every now and then you need to examine everything you’ve put aside to ensure that there isn’t any sign of decay.
What do you consider the Chicken Barbecue recipe? Did it make you think about putting out your grill more frequently? Let us present two dishes you can also make using the grill!

Filipino-style Barbecue Chicken

Practical Tips

To ensure the best flavor, let it put in a marinade for at least two hours, but not longer than a night because the acidity of the marinade can degrade the protein in the meat and alter the texture.
The chickens were pan-fried because there was no oven at the time, but now you can grill or bake them instead.
If baking or grilling you are baking or grilling, save the marinade to serve as the sauce for basting. Don’t skimp on boiling the marinade on moderate heat for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the marinade is fully heated and reduced to ensure food safety.
If pan-frying is used, cook the chicken on medium heat until you get the chicken a nice sear. Once all the sides are nicely charred reduce the heat and continue to cook until the thermometer located in the largest part of the chicken is reading at least 165 F.


Let’s begin with the tried and true traditional recipe for pork barbecue! This is definitely a recipe that I would suggest if you’ve enjoyed cooking and eating Chicken Barbecue. It’s got that familiar sweet and savory taste with hints of sourness and richness.
Also eating this delicious meal straight off the grill in its authentic style is a cozy and familiar experience! It will take you back to the days of purchasing barbecue meryenda from a vendor on the street to satisfy your appetite. It’s also a great thing for celebrations and gatherings as barbecue pork is a certain Filipino fan favorite. You’ll probably see each and every stick of barbecue disappear when you start serving them.
While this recipe will give you all the necessary information to grill your barbecue, you are able to use the Pinoy pork barbecue recipe to get my suggested marinade mix. It is a perfect blend of sweetness that comes from brown sugar. In addition, it includes a lot of other spices to make the perfect combination of flavors.

Chicken Inasal

The traditional Chicken Barbecue surely comes to our minds when we think of grilling chicken. However, there’s another dish that we can credit for inventing the concept of basting chicken and placing it above charcoal on the menu. Inasal Chicken Inasal can be described as an Ilonggo dish that is renowned for having the most stunning and delicious barbecue sauce and marinade. It is unique from the rest of the dishes since it offers a unique taste and saltiness that is balanced with other flavors that are more subtle.
We can detect some tanginess from our lemons, and bitterness in coconut vinegar. However, they all blend to give the chicken a full and juicy flavor. Based on the method we use to grill both it is common for people to confuse Chicken Barbecue and this dish as one another a lot often. If you take a look at what’s in the dish, you’ll realize instantly that they’re two distinct recipes. Each has a distinct appeal, therefore I’d recommend making both! Maybe on your next family holiday?


3 pounds of whole chicken, butterflied
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup calamansi (or lemon) juice
Half cup brown sugar
1 head of garlic. Peeled and minced


Mix together Soy Sauce, the juice from 1 lemon the salt, banana ketchup, and black pepper ground in one bowl. Mix to combine.
Place the leg quarters of the chicken in a freezer bag large enough and then add the marinade.
The bag is shaken gently, shaking it to evenly coat chicken in marinade. Remove any air trapped inside the bag. The bag should be sealed and then keep it in the refrigerator overnight.
Take the chicken out of the bags and then transfer any rest of the marinade into the bowl.
Get your grill ready and begin grilling the chicken at a moderate temperature at 12-15 minutes on each side, or until it is fully cooked. Don’t forget to brush the chicken with the rest of the marinade mix.
Note: Chicken requires quite a while to cook. When you grill it at high temperatures, it can cause the exterior that cooks more quickly while leaving the meat inside uncooked.
Remove the grill from the flame and transfer it to an eating plate.
Serve with rice that has been steamed.
Enjoy and share!               

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