Laswa Filipino Recipe

These days, it can be difficult to obtain nutritious food that isn’t available from the outside. With the ease of eating at fast-food chains, or the general ubiquity of oily, fried food it’s possible that you’ll be having a hard time finding a good choice in regard to healthy vegetable-based dishes. If you do discover a vegetarian meal that you can order in the near future, the quality of the food items used may be an issue. Organic dishes aren’t always the most affordable alternatives available. What is the most effective option? I’d suggest that you create some of the best healthy, yet nutritious dishes in your kitchen! One of the best recipes, to begin with, is the easy but delicious Ilonggo dish known as Laswa.

Laswa Filipino Recipe

Contextualization of the traditional vegetable soup Laswa:

Laswa is an essentially cooked vegetable soup with the most diverse, yet a well-balanced collection of ingredients. It was actually developed in Iloilo in the Philippines and is often compared with another soup with a lot of vegetables called Dinengdeng. Both of them use a large number of vegetables in the dish. There are a few variations of Laswa that also use bagoong. However, Dinengdeng has fewer vegetables and comes made from Ilocos. Laswa ingredients, on the other hand, are based on vegetables to give the taste and texture.

In this way, we’re capable of enjoying an energizingly sweet, yet moderate taste from a warm soup of Laswa. Apart from its flavor in terms of nutritional content, another benefit to this particular recipe is the ease of preparation. Since it mostly utilizes ingredients that are commonly used in other Filipino recipes, it could be fairly simple to make at home. And the ingredients required are quite affordable.

Laswa Filipino Recipe

It’s also a very adaptable dish. It’s because it’s recognized for its willingness to take on other vegetables that you’d like to incorporate with all of your heart. Because of its simple nature, it’s possible to make it as you’d like without sacrificing taste. It’s a good thing. what to tell you, but this discussion of Laswa certainly makes me want to make my own. Let’s get started at home!

Cooking Laswa:

Begin by placing five cups of boiling water into the cooker pot, then boiling the water to boil. After that, you’ll mix two tomatoes and one onion each of which has been broken into pieces. Place the cover over it so that you can allow it to simmer for five minutes. Be sure to be using medium-high heat for this process.

Then, place 1.5 cups diced of kalabasa squash along with two teaspoons bagoong alamang, or Guinamos into the pot. Again, we’ll let this simmer for five minutes, since this will allow allowing the flavors to settle into and create a delicious broth. Then we’ll add some delicious vegetables to it such as 2 pieces of Chinese eggplant that have been cut. Add 15 string beans that you’ve chopped into pieces that measure two inches long, and eight pieces of Okra. After we’ve added all these ingredients into the pot you can cook them for about 4 to five minutes.

Incorporating some proteins by having shrimp in the meal:


I love laswa that is served with fried fish. Pompano can be one of my favorite dishes.

It’s time to add some of that semi-sweet delicious flavor of seafood with the addition of 8 pieces of clean shrimp into the pot. Cover the pot to keep the heat in and then wait for it to cook for one minute. After that, you can proceed to add one cup of saluyot leaf as well as 1 cup of Amaranth leaves or Kulitis as well as 2 cups of Alugbati. Combine these ingredients thoroughly.

As a final step, we’ll spice the soup up with some salt and black pepper. You are free to add whatever you like to this dish. It’s also delicious with some fish fried as a side dish!

Isn’t it easy to do? This recipe is truly fantastic since it’s primarily making a selection of healthy vegetables in one pot to produce the finest taste. Would you like me to suggest a few additional delicious vegetable dishes to serve your family?

Here are some more healthy vegetable recipes that I’d like to challenge you to test:


The dish, which is often mistaken as Laswa it is a stew made of vegetables that you should not miss. Dinengdeng has all the rich flavor of ampalaya, bagoong isda ginger, onions, and ampalaya. Not only that, but it also is a delicious and nutritious meal, since it’s loaded with protein from the grilled milk fish, or bangus without the cholesterol levels of meat. You can make this dish with an entire family or a group of 6 and you’ll soon be wanting more! You won’t need to feel guilty for giving in to your cravings because this dish is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body.

Easy Grilled Vegetables

Maybe if you’re having less time for your meals then you might think that eating a veggie dish isn’t an option anymore. But these Grilled Vegetables are proof that you can cook something delicious, quick and nutritious from your kitchen! With just 15 minutes of preparation time and cooking time, you’ll be in a position to make this quickly and have leftover time for dessert. If it takes you less time to cook, it’s still a delicious dish that is packed with delicious yellow squash, zucchini bell peppers, and other vegetables.

Laswa Filipino Recipe


8 pieces of shrimp cleaned
Two pieces Chinese zucchini Sliced
1 1/2 cups kalabasa squash diced
15 pieces of strings beans cut into two-inch pieces
1 cup leaves of saluyot
2 cups of alugbati
1 Cup Amaranth leaves (kulitis)
8 pieces of okra
Two pieces of tomato wedged
1 onion sliced
2 teaspoons bagoong alamang or guinamos
5 cups of water
Salt and black pepper ground to taste


1-Bring water to a boil in a cooker pot.

2-Add tomatoes and onions. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes on moderate temperature.

3-Add kalabasa and bagoong alamang. Boil for 5 minutes.

4-Add the string beans, eggplant, and Okra. Cook for about 4 to 5 minutes.

5-Put the shrimp in the pan. Cover the pot and cook for one minute.

6-Add saluyot, amaranth leaf (kulitis) and Alugbati. Stir.

7-Sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Serve with Fried fish served with a side of iceberg lettuce. Take a bite and enjoy

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